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Complete Plug & Play Kit


Everything You Need To Evolve Your Home

The evolution of your home starts here. Track your energy usage, add security with scheduled lighting and control your home's electronics from anywhere. This kit of Wi-Fi™ enabled devices has all the essentials you need to easily transform your house into a smart home.

  • LED Light Ring
  • Built-in Dimmer
  • Works With Most Bulbs
Outdoor Switch
  • Dual Outlets
  • Rain Tight
  • Rugged Design
  • Side Outlet
  • Compact Size
  • Customizable Night light

Say Goodbye To Expensive Subscription Based Systems. Our Connected Products Are All You Need.

No Hub
No Service
No Electrical
No Annual
No Rental

Our Products Are
Really Smart When
They All Work Together

  • Organize your products into convenient groups that allow you to control your home with ease
  • Schedule products so they integrate into your life and simplify your daily routine
  • Dynamic energy reporting provides real-time insights to save you money
  • Control your home without even picking up your phone using Siri®, Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant voice commands.

Personalized Concierge Support Exclusive Only To Smart Home Essentials Members

As a member, you’ll get everything you need to evolve your home. iDevices Essential Kit members get exclusive benefits designed to simplify your transition into a connected lifestyle. Once your home is setup, these tailored benefits will continue to enhance your experience, ensuring your smart home is personalized to your lifestyle. Enjoy knowing you can schedule custom sessions to help guide you in maximizing your smart home experience.

Exclusive Support Portal
Priority Assistance
Schedule Personalized Sessions
Ongoing Smart Home Insights

iDevices is really serious about this Internet of Things stuff

These four join iDevices’ indoor and outdoor switches and its thermostat to provide a variety of options for people wanting to automate their homes or just look like a spaceperson when people come over. They all work with the company’s iOS app when you don’t really feel like talking to the empty air of your abode.

Evan Killham   |  Cult of Mac

The setup process for Socket is exactly what we’ve come to expect

iDevices created a custom cloud so a costly hub is not needed. Imagine being able to shut off a number of lights in your home with just one command - "Siri, Goodnight". The app can be personalized with pictures of rooms or products to make navigation of the UI easier.

Steven Sande   |  Engadget

In our tests, all three products worked flawlessly...

Unlike some smart-home systems, the iDevices products don’t require a hub, so they can give you a simple and somewhat low-cost taste of an automated house.

Jenny McGrath   |  Digital Trends

The suite of iDevices hardware...

with accompanying app allows for control of HomeKit-compatible products with no hub or subscription fee, including third-party devices.

Mike Wuerthele   |  Apple Insider
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