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The smart light switch with
Alexa built‑in

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Alexa, meet the light switch

Voice is the most instinctive form of communication. With the power of Amazon Alexa throughout your home, just say the word for smart home control – no cords, no hubs, no countertop clutter. Simply connect Instinct to your home Wi-Fi® network to do more with less.

Your personal assistant for anything

Need to set a timer, add to your shopping list, or get the latest news and weather updates? Instinct has your back. No matter what you need to make your day easier, Instinct is always at the ready.

Invisible unless you say so

Love your smart switches as much as your home. Packed with technology hidden by design, Instinct fits the décor of every room. Only your voice reveals Instinct's innate intelligence.

Invisible intelligence. Sophisticated style.

Without a doubt, the smartest light switch in your house. Instinct installs just like a standard switch, and includes a screwless faceplate for a seamless, modern finish.


Big sound, little package

Instinct features premium SOEN® Audio technology, enabling high-performance sound in a compact design. Perfect for listening to music and podcasts throughout your home.

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  • pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • tune-in
  • Amazon Music
  • audible
  • amazon kindle

Only listens when you want

The dual-microphone design picks up sound from across the room, no yelling necessary. Thanks to far-field recognition, only the closest Alexa device responds to your voice. Instinct only listens when you say "Alexa."

Instinct’s privacy features
Light ring

Let there be light

An integrated light ring and customizable night light appear like magic through Instinct’s rocker-style paddle. There’s no sorcery involved, just 12 LEDs working in concert for ultimate function and shine.

How to customize the night light Light ring status guide

Ask Instinct anything

Get a jump start on your day, jam to your favorite music, find a new recipe, set reminders
and so much more. With Instinct, the possibilities are endless.

Award-winning design & technology

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Product Specs

  • Home Wi-Fi® (802.11 B/G/N)
  • WPA2 (AES) network security
  • A 120VAC "line wire" (usually black, blue or red)
  • A "neutral" wire (usually white)
  • Free Instinct Switch app
  • iOS requires a device running 11 or later
  • Android requires a device running 5.1 or later
  • For use in U.S and Canada only
  • For indoor, dry location use only
  • Visit Instinct support for more information
  • Height: 4.13"
  • Depth: 1.31"
  • Width: 1.77"