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Wi-Fi® Connected Thermostat

Ensure comfort and control with the iDevices Thermostat. Use dynamic scheduling to save money on energy costs and improve your home’s efficiency. The iDevices Thermostat is compatible with most heating and cooling systems and is designed to fit the aesthetics of any home with its standard size, shape and modern look.

Size & Shape
Color LED
Supports Most
HVAC Systems
No Hub

Designed To Fit

Thermostat’s standard size and shape help it to fit into the aesthetics of any home.

Automate Thermostat To Your Life

Create and schedule custom scenes around your lifestyle so
that your home is always the perfect temperature.

Good Morning - Lifestyle - iDevices Connected
6:30AM | Good Morning
Heading Out - Lifestyle - iDevices Connected
8:00AM | Heading Out
We're Home - Lifestyle - iDevices Connected
6:00PM | We're Home
Good Night - Lifestyle - iDevices Connected
10:00PM | Good Night

Thermostat Has All The Great Features You Love

Pause your schedule

Pause Your Schedule

If your routine changes, Thermostat gives you the flexibility to override it’s normal schedule. whether it’s for a few hours, or an entire week.
Offset Control

Offset Control

Temperatures can vary between rooms in your home, Thermostat lets you correct the difference, so your whole home stays nice and comfortable.
Temperature Ranges

Temperature Ranges

You can set a wider temperature range to help your system save you more money and energy, or set a narrower range for more comfort.

Voice Control

Thermostat responds to Siri® Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, which allows you to set your home’s temperature directly, just by using your voice.

Access Anywhere

Stay connected even when you’re not at home. Manage your home’s temperature with the free iDevices Connected app, from anywhere.

Simple To Setup

Installing the iDevices Thermostat in your home is simple with the step-by-step guide and mounting hardware that’s provided right in the box.

Get The Most Out Of Your
Smart Home With The iDevices Connected App.

  • Intuitive
    UI Controls
  • Personalized
  • Automate
    With Scenes
  • Set

I love this thermostat

Scheduling it was easy. I have a weekday schedule and a weekend schedule. They both work great. I also added schedules for leaving, returning and vacations. It is great to have complete control of your thermostat.

Amazon Customer  | Reviewer

The answer to my travel problems

I used to have a neighbor come into my home every day just to see if my A/C was running as it should when I was away from home for extended periods. It gets horribly hot and I don't want to come home to the nastiness that there would be if the house was sitting at 120 degrees for two weeks or more. With this thermostat I can see if the A/C is working properly so if it's not I can call someone to come fix it, and change settings as I see fit.

Tazmanian Devil  | Reviewer

Easy to install and set-up!

The ability to control the heat in my house from my iPhone or iPad is terrific. Left the heat on when you crawl into bed? Well, since my iPad is on the stand next to me, it was simple to launch the app, set the temp, and be done with it. Price, performance, and installation make this a great product!

Tim Robertson  | Reviewer

I have seen my utility bills drop

I like that I can turn up or down the temp when i have to leave the house so I don't spend money running the AC or heat when no one is home and then we I decide to return home I can heat or cool the house a few minutes before we arrive. So far no real complaints from my wife and I have seen my utility bills drop compared to last year using the old thermostats. I love the scheduling features with scenes and "Hey Siri".

J. D. Mclean  | Reviewer
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Return Home To Comfort™

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  • Thermostat is covered under the iDevices 2-year limited warranty
  • Smart Thermostat rebate offers are available in some areas Explore Savings
  • Lifetime support from iDevices U.S. based customer experience team
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Product Specs

Thermostat Orthographic
  • Home Wi-Fi® 802.11b/g/n at 2.4 Ghz
  • None, WPA or WPA2-PSK (AES) Network Security
  • Free iDevices® Connected App
  • HomeKit requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10 or later
  • Android™ requires a 4.3+ device with Bluetooth® technology
  • Heating: 1 and 2 Stages (W1, W2)
  • Cooling: 1 and 2 Stages (Y1, Y2)
  • Heat Pump: 1 and 2 stage with Aux or Emergency Heat (O/B, Aux/E)
  • Fan Control: G
  • Humidification and Dehumidification
  • Power: C (required), RH, RC
  • Converts to Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Check Your Compatibility
  • Width: 129mm (5.0”)
  • Height: 84mm (3.3”)
  • Depth: 20mm (0.8”)
  • Weight: 3.3 oz
  • Power Input: 24VAC with "C" Common Wire

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