Thermostat Wire Adapter

C-Wire Adapter
Coming Fall 2021

*U.S. and Canada Only*

Missing a Common Wire to Power your Thermostat?

If your HVAC system is compatible with the iDevices Thermostat, but you are missing the “C” or Common wire, don't worry! We have you covered with our Thermostat Wire Adapter that can help in most situations.

The Thermostat Wire Adapter adds the function of a Common wire to your existing system with minimal effort and can get you up and running with the iDevices Thermostat in no time! The Thermostat Wire Adapter can also be used to add another wire if additional wiring cannot be run. 

What Do I Need To Use It?

The iDevices Wire Adapter will work with most 24VAC HVAC systems with at least three physical wires running to the thermostat. 

In The Box

  • Wire Adapter
  • Signal Splitter 
  • Installation Guide
  • 18-AWG 5-Conductor Thermostat Wire 


Installation Support

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The Thermostat Wire Adapter has a 2-year limited warranty.