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iDevices Socket

Transform Any Light Into A Connected Light

Connected Light Bulb Adapter

Transform any light into a connected light with iDevices Socket. Screw any standard size bulb and control its power and brightness from anywhere, by simply using your voice. Design a custom schedule and scenes to meet your daily routine and create the perfect ambiance with Socket’s unique color light ring.

LED Night
Works With
Most Bulbs
No Hub
One Year

Dim Your Lights

Adjust the brightness of any dimmable bulb
right from your tablet or mobile device.

Customizable LED Night Light

Use Socket’s unique color ring to create dynamic, low-light environments to add personalized color to fit any moment.

iDevices Socket, led, light ring, Bed Time
Bed Time
iDevices Socket, led, light ring, Movie Night
Movie Night
iDevices Socket, led, light ring, Dinner Party
Dinner Party

Voice Control

Socket responds to Siri®, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, which allows you to control your smart home directly, just by using your voice.

Access Anywhere

Stay connected even when you’re not at home. Control and monitor your lighting with the free iDevices Connected app, from anywhere.

Simple To Setup

Socket works with the light bulbs you already own. Just screw in any standard bulb and connect with the app to start controlling your home’s lighting.

Get The Most Out Of Your
Smart Home With The iDevices Connected App.

  • Customizable
    Light Ring
  • Personalized
  • Automate
    With Scenes
  • Set

Boom, that light is now smart,

and can be controlled with Siri on an iPhone or iPad or through any HomeKit app. The Socket even has a ring of color-changing LEDs that you can use as a nightlight, and it supports dimming. Between dimming [and] adding a little color from the LEDs, you’ll have plenty of possibilities to set the mood.

Susie Ochs   |  Executive Editor

The setup process for Socket is exactly what we’ve come to expect

screw Socket into a light fixture (you don’t even need to add a bulb right away), make sure the light switch is turned on, and iDevices Connected — or just about any other HomeKit app on your iPhone — should detect it

Jesse Hollington   | Reviewer

Socket actually works pretty well

The iDevices app has always been one of the better third party HomeKit apps out there, and it continues to support its devices with an intuitive interface and easy setup process. Getting the Socket up and running takes barely a minute, and operating its dimming, scheduling, and nightlight capabilities is slick the whole time.

David Priest   | Reviewer


The iDevices Socket allows you to turn any ordinary light bulb into a connected bulb quickly and easily. The iDevices Socket supplies a light bulb the powers to interface with Apple's Siri and other HomeKit-connected products

Arjun   | Reviewer
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Transform Any Light Into a Connected Light

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  • is covered under the iDevices 1-year limited warranty
  • Lifetime support from iDevices U.S. based customer experience team
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Product Specs

Socket Orthographic
  • Home Wi-Fi® (802.11 B/G/N)
  • None, WPA or WPA2-PSK (AES) Network Security
  • Free iDevices® Connected App
  • HomeKit requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10 or later
  • Android™ requires a 4.3+ device with Bluetooth® technology
  • For use in U.S. and Canada only
  • Socket is compatible with all standard light bulbs (E26 base and A19 bulb shape) with a minimum lamp harp size of 8.5". Some lamps may require a smaller (A15) bulb.
  • Socket supports incandescent, LED, CFL and halogen bulbs. Dimming feature requires a dimmable light bulb.
  • Width or Diameter: 63mm, 2.48in
  • Height: 74.50mm, 2.93in
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Power Input: 125VAC, 60Hz
  • Dimmable Output: 0-125VAC, 60Hz
  • Max Load: 60W
  • cULus listed

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